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Centre for Sponsored Research & Consultancy channelizes the process of filling patent applications from faculty and students of REC through patent attorneys. Center for Intellectual Property Rights, Anna University has conferred “Anna University Intellectual Property Awards- 2016” in recognizing excellence in IPR relating to the patents

Patent applications filed in 2015 Tittle Inventor Department Application No. & Date
1 Pill alert and Monitoring system Dr. Mohamad Yachin BME 868/CHE/2015
2 A  Method of continuously varying the opening and closing angles of the valves of an internal combustion engine Dr. K. Bhaskar
R. Gauthaman
C. Raghavan
Automobile 2392/CHE/2015
3 Methodof fabricating Yttria stabilized Zirconia (YSZ) nanocoating based gas sensingdevice using CeO2 
asa sensing electrode for the detection of H2s gas
Dr.B. Venkatachalapathy
Dr.L. Sujatha
Dr.T.M. Sridhar
Dr.T. Subbarao  
Che& ECE 3408/CHE/2015
4 Guava leaf extract stored food grain insecticide Dr. V. Gayathri Bio-Technology 5133/CHE/2015

Patent applications filed in 2014 Tittle Inventor Department ApplicationNo. & Date
1 Optimum design fornon-solenoidal operation of light commercial vehicle starter motor J. Jakith Deva Priyan.
N. Karyhikeyan,
Dr. A. Selvaraj
EEE 2006/CHE/2014
2 Voltic glove
self-protection glovewith insulations and conductors to provide electric shock to the criminals
Dr. A.Selvaraj
J. Jakith Deva Priyan. 
EEE 2269/CHE/2014

Patent applications filed in 2013 Tittle Inventor Department ApplicationNo. & Date
1 Cloud storage and retrieval ofInformation using USSD in phones TejasNaren.T.N
CSE 4247/CHE/2013
2 Painless intra muscular NozzleGun  Jaikanth.M.C Jaivignesh
Dr. S.P.Srinivasan
Mechanical 4527/CHE/2013
3 Mobile based Emergency alertSystem Sanjeevi.L.R
Tejas Naren.T.N ShankarSiddharth.K.A
CSE 4599/CHE/2013
4 Hand Held Air Gun Dr. S.P.Srinivasan
C Jaivignesh
Mechanical 5399/CHE/2013
5 Inspection of Plunger forAutomotive Braking System Prof. N.Radakrishnan
Shankar Bharathi.
B. Sasikumar
IT & Mechanical 5516/CHE/2013
Dt. 29.11.2013
6 Portable mobile charger with reversepolarity protection Dr.T.M.Sridhar
Sriram Ganesh
Sai Siddarth P
Chemistry & EEE 5517/CHE/2013
Dt. 29.11.2013
7 Remote control for safe use ofdomestic gas cylinders Dr. A.Selvaraj
Sai Siddarth P
Sriram Ganesh
Chemistry & EEE 5515/CHE/2013
Dt. 29.11.2013
8 Bio pesticide from Watermelonseed extract against stored food grain insects Dr. Johanna Rajkumar &Dr.V.Gayathri Bio-Tech 4991/CHE/2013
9 Insecticide isolated fromCowpea (Vigna unguiculta) againstants Dr.V.Gayathri &
Dr.Johanna Rajkumar
Bio-Tech 4992/CHE/2013
10 ‘Lactal’ a product invented totreat Tannery effluent Dr.R Jayasree Bio-Tech 4993/CHE/2013
11 The feasibility study ofdesigned three phase (Solid-Liquid-Gas) invertase fluidized bed biofilm react Dr.S.Sabarunisha Begum Bio-Tech 4994/CHE/2013
12 Application of Musa Sapientum extract in foodpreservation Ms.L.Sowmya Bio-Tech 4996/CHE/2013
13 Exraction of Anthocyanin from Delonix regia Ms.L.Sowmya Bio-Tech 4997/CHE/2013

Patent applications filed in 2012 Tittle Inventor Department Application No. & Date
1 Modified Energy EfficientExhaust fan A. Selvaraj
P. Venkataraman
EEE 738/CHE/2012
DT: 28-02-2012

Patent applications filed in 2011 Tittle Inventor Department ApplicationNo. & Date
1 JalSuddhi’  product invented to improvethe water quality Dr.N.Parthasarathy Bio-Technology 4430/CHE/2011

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